365 Colorful Facts About Colorado

Colorado is a state unlike any other in the country. With rivers, mountains, plains, and desert, Colorado has it all. The alpenglow sunsets and the high altitude environment can lead to a wonderful vacation as well as a lifetime of explorations in the search of champagne powder. Our wonderful state is filled with interesting history, unique facts, and tons of outdoor activities. Learn a new fact everyday, and get to know our state!


Growing up in Breckenridge, Colorado has always intrigued me. From the skiing, biking, fishing, beautiful sunrises and glorious sunsets, Colorado is a great place to call home. Graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in History in 2007, the story of our state turned into my passion. While in college and a few years after, friends used to always joke that I should write a calendar about the history of Colorado. It was always in the back of my mind, but I was too busy skiing and surfing to put together a calendar. This calendar was my rehabilitation project after suffering a traumatic brain injury overseas. It not only provides fun filled facts to anyone who loves Colorado, but motivation to all who have been affected by serious injury. This calendar is unique; there is nothing else like it.


The 365 Colorful Facts About Colorado 2019 calendar is remarkable in every way. From the plains to the desert, from the San Luis Valley north to Steamboat, the calendar gives you a different fact each day covering the whole state. Each month is a different Colorado themed sepia toned background. Each day is a new fun filled fact, with a picture regarding the information. Here are a few samples to give you a hint of what the calendar looks like:

Tuesday, August 28th

Wednesday, February 1st

Wednesday, January 2nd


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10% of profits will proudly benefit the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado.


“After living in Colorado for almost a decade, I still am pleasantly surprised by each fact I learn from the day to day flip of Mr. Zanca’s calendar. I fully recommend this fun and interesting calendar from a first time visitor to a born and bred Colorado native.”

- Jason C, Connecticut

“I would have never guessed how many fun facts there are about Colorado despite having lived here my whole life. The Colorado Calendar gives me a chance to explore the wonderful state and become educated of the history with the flip of a page every morning.”

- Kyle L, Boulder

"The Colorado Calendar is a great keepsake to have on your dresser. It's full of cool facts on Colorado history and gives you something to think about everyday."

- Johnny R, Breckenridge

"The seasonal themes transition perfectly with Colorado's unpredictable weather and it is always interesting to read what happened on the day in history."

- Tim G, San Diego

"I purchased this calendar as a gift for a friend, but I enjoyed it so much I kept it for myself and then purchased more to give as gifts. They make excellent stocking stuffers and they ship well also. Even after living in Colorado for 30 plus years this calendar has given me more information and facts that I didn't know. I look forward to turning over each page every morning to read a new, exciting and fun fact about Colorado. 
I can't wait for next year's edition and hopefully a 'coffee table' book someday."

- Pat L, New York

"Even as a Colorado native I still find myself learning unique and interesting facts about my home state on a daily basis. Colorado has a short but dynamic history. From the early mining days, to our ongoing agricultural presence, to our world class ski resorts, and everything in between is touched upon with inspired detail."

- Dave P, Boulder

"Reading The Colorado Calendar over coffee has become my favorite morning routine. The historical facts are very intriguing and incredibly entertaining. The candid pictures also compliment the history perfectly."

- Courtney K, Vancouver

“The Colorado Calendar keeps me excited to turn a new page each day. What a cool way to start the morning and brag to my co-workers that I know more about Colorado then they do.”

- Sam R, Denver

“This calendar is great. My kids, parents, and our whole family enjoy the facts about pictures. Its unique, its quirky, and quite boutique. What a great stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys Colorado.”

- Michael S, Atlanta

“I thought I knew a lot about Colorado, but I enjoy learning about the unique things that make Colorado what it is. I think it is pretty cool that the author supports the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. I would recommend this calendar to anyone who enjoys Colorado’s scenic beauty and mining history.”

- Scott S, Durango

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